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Web Log Analysis Evolves Beyond Static Reports

Dataland Software has released Web Log Storming v. 2, a powerful Windows application that makes it easy to pull important sales, marketing, and technical information out of your web logs. Unlike web analysis applications that create static reports, Web Log Storming lets you click on lists or charts of statistics about how users traveled through your web site, and it automatically creates additional, detailed reports.

In addition to creating the standard reports that you'd expect to see in a professional web log analysis program, Web Log Storming provides interactive reports and charts. The program's main strength is its on-the-fly filtering, allowing you to zero in and study particular behavior. You can create and apply multiple filters, making it simple to subset your data and zero in on the important information buried in your web logs. You can bookmark reports that provide the best information, and access them instantly in future web log analyses.

You're one click away from a focusing on an individual visitor. You can follow an individual's movement from page to page within your web site, when and how they found your web site, and information about their previous visits. Web Log Storming's detailed traffic tracking lets you identify technical problems, and even hacker attacks. You can learn which sales pages are driving traffic to your shopping cart, and get valuable insights about why people are leaving your web site without placing an order.

It's easy to track sessions, hits, page views, downloads, or whatever metric is most important to each user. You can look at referring pages and see which search engines and keywords were used to bring visitors to the site. Web site behavior, from the top entry and exit pages, to the paths that users follow, can be analyzed. You can learn which countries your visitors come from, and which operating systems and browsers they use. You'll learn how your bandwidth is being used, and how much time users spend on your site. You can even tell how popular your files, images, directories, and queries are.

Web Log Storming lets you determine if web site visitors behave as you expect them to. By watching the tracks that users leave as they click their way through your site, you can gain insights into errors in your navigation scheme and weaknesses in the wording on your web pages.

Web Log Storming saves disk space by keeping your log files in compressed format. The program supports auto-uncompressing of ZIP, GZ and TAR files. Since logs are kept in computer memory, you can view the filtered results instantly.

Whether you're a sales manager who needs to interact in real time with your web log data in order to identify sales bottlenecks, a network manager who needs solid information on your web sites' throughput bottlenecks, or an entrepreneur who needs to quickly and easily learn how your web site is turning prospects into customers, Web Log Storming has the tools that you need.

Web Log Storming v. 2 Professional edition costs $149 (US) and Standard edition costs $99 (US), runs under Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7, and may be purchased securely online at http://www.weblogstorming.com/. Site license is available. You can view a demo online, or install a free, fully-functional, 30-day trial version from the same web address. Although Web Log Storming runs on Windows, it doesn't matter if your web site is hosted on a Windows or a UNIX/Linux server; Web Log Storming works with both types of web logs.

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About Dataland Software

Since 2001, Dataland Software has been creating and marketing Windows software for business and home users. In addition to Web Log Storming, the company also offers CD Label Designer, an easy-to-use application that lets you create stunning CD covers and labels; and Agenda at Once, a powerful organizer, to-do list, and scheduling program.

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Additional information is available on the web site (http://www.weblogstorming.com/press.html), including evaluation copy, product literature and artwork.