Web Log Storming

Actual version: 3.5, build 738

Change History

Symbols used below

"+" (features added)
"&" (improvements)
"*" (bugs fixed)

Version 3.5, build 738

+ Multiple websites for Apache Combined
+ Downloading log files via FTPS (FTP over TLS/SSL) supported now
& Faster file size checking operations (used throughout application)
& Better KnownFiles handling
& WhoIs button to lookup IP address (Single Session report)
& Change application font to Segoe UI
& Sort files before reading
& Cleanup project files of unnecessary remains on save
& Update IP locations database
& Updated OS/Browsers
* HTTP(S) log file downloading: follow redirection
* Autoupdate doesn't work
* Adds cached files for analyzing even if dates are outside the range
* Cancel parsing freezes when reading from Cache
* Occasional phantom threads on exit
* Cache presence wasn't always checked if multiple locations are defined
* After Back report, parameters should be reverted
* Check for updates window dark theme problem
* Access Violation in AdvGrid in some occasions
* Few other small bug fixes and improvements

Version 3.4, build 705

+ Multiple domains: add host name as page prefix
+ Search log file locations recursively
& Multiple domains option ON and empty own domain name, now it will show all websites

Version 3.3.1, build 697

& Better handling of wls/user_id cookies
* Parameters by IPv6 not working correctly
* IPv6 sorting improved
* Better session detection
* Resolved domains duplicates
* Few other small bug fixes and improvements

Version 3.3, build 691

+ Introduced Modern Dark and Modern Light user interface themes
+ Paste log lines option: File | Analyze From Clipboard (Pro only)
& Added search engines: DuckDuckGo, Yandex and Baidu
& Middle-click on report tree now opens report in a new tab
& Various user interface improvements
& Update Country/City IP database
* Click on empty Overview report area should be ignored
* Two hard-to-reproduce crashes while analyzing log files
* Problem filtering queries containing '[' and ']'
* When no data in report, top-right Info button is not properly aligned
* Few other minor fixes and improvements

Version 3.2, build 673

& Added Windows 10, Microsoft Edge and Vivaldi
& Use IIS cookie information as Cookie ID
& Update Country/City IP database
* When "Consider queries..." is on, query part should be converted to lowercase too
* "JavaScript Only" option appears in Standard version when cycling
* Few other minor fixes and improvements

Version 3.1, build 665

+ New File parameter: "Show only files matching"
& Analyzing speed significantly improved when using hybrid analysis
* Number of problems with "Consider queries as part of filename" option
* Few other minor fixes and improvements

Version 3.0, build 658

This is a major release.

+ Hybrid (combined log file and JavaScript) analysis (Pro only)
+ New report and parameter: Query parts
+ New report and parameter: Time spent
+ New report and parameter: Cookie ID (Pro only and if Hybrid is used)
+ New report and parameter: Screen Resolution (Pro only and if Hybrid is used)
+ Log file caching
+ Support for IPv6
+ List reports can be viewed as charts now, and vice versa
+ Right click shortcut to any report, for quicker navigation
& Exported reports can be limited to currently selected parameters
& Updated Export look
& Update IP-to-Country database
& Update user agents and browsers
& Short tutorials in upon start and Project Edit
* Number of other minor fixes and improvements

Version 2.9.1, build 624

& Add double quotes when drilling down for domain name
& Custom resolving URL improved
* Regions not recognized correctly

Version 2.9, build 622

& Better Files/Pages/Images reports when combined with file parameters
& Unavailable search phrases (not provided) are displayed as "-" to avoid confusion
& IP to country/region/city database updated
& Sessions without any referrer info are not considered as spiders anymore
& Better behavior when error happens in log file reading thread
* Fixed detection of countries (no more ".RD")
* Referrer grouping fixed (all "*.yahoo" or "*.facebook" domains are now grouped as "yahoo" and "facebook")
* Several other minor fixes and improvements

Version 2.8.2, build 615

& Displaying UTF-8 encoded search phrases and words
* Delete, edit and copy buttons always disabled in Project Properties

Version 2.8.1, build 613

* Inability to extract log files to temp folder in some cases on Vista+
* Few GUI adjustments

Version 2.8, build 611

+ Tools | Spider Domains option added
+ Custom IP to domain resolving added
* Problem with detecting all sessions as spiders when there is no referrer or bandwidth information in log files
& Spider domains are painted gray now
* Several minor problems and improvements

Version 2.7, build 598

+ Added search & replace for file names (Project Properties window)
+ Introduced access method column and parameter (GET, POST, HEAD...)
+ Goals are clickable now in Overview report
& Search Engine detection only in domain
& Drill-down from Directory report: subdirectories are not excluded anymore
* Firefox v10+ are now correctly recognized
* "https" in referred URLs is correctly processed now
* Problem with quoted search phrases
* First goal was not visible on Overview report
* Crash when copying Overview report to clipboard in some cases
* Few other minor problems

Version 2.6.1, build 591

+ Configure font for report list and tree
* Export reports to HTML now works agan
& Extend max. clipboard and report lines to more than 9999
* Sample data problem
* Few other minor problems

Version 2.6, build 585

+ Yearly updates expiration effective starting with this version
+ Bounce rate in Overview, Files / Pages and Referrer reports
* Windows 7 64-bit problems on some systems
& Operating Systems and Browsers list updated
* Last goal in Trend report always shows Totals, even if Averages are selected
* Horizontal scroll in Locations list
* Problem when regional date format contains letters (in some countries)

Version 2.5.1, build 579

& Improved "Out of memory" handling (increased limit on some systems and friendlier message)
* Countries report could show UK twice when domains are already resolved in log files
* Error on Hits report

Version 2.5, build 576

& Better spider detection (possibly reduced number of Human visitors in reports)
& Spider visual indication (marked gray)
& Problems with downloading log files from HTTPS
* Problems with some User Access Control settings on Vista and Windows 7
* In some cases referrer was not correctly recognized
* Friendlier message when project file (.wls) doesn't exist
* Other minor and medium bug fixes and improvements

Version 2.4.1, build 561

+ More options in recent files list
& User Access Control on Vista and Windows 7 improved
& Auto host resolving now ignores unknown IPs
& IP to city data updated
* Problem with some visual styles ("Division by zero" error)
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 2.4, build 554

+ Option to automatically delete old log files from FTP server
+ Remove project (*.wls) files from the recent list
& Minimize button on resolving progress - option to play a sound when finished
& Minor visual design improvements
* Disappearing controls after pressing Alt in Vista / Win7
* "Multiple sites in one log file" problem with some formats
* Possible problems with user access control in Vista / Win7
* Update horizontal scroll bar after resizing columns
* List flickering while scrolling
* Several other bug fixes and tweaks

Version 2.3.1, build 538

* Editing/Updating bookmarks problems
* Error when there is no log files to be loaded when Autoresolving is turned on
* Correctly recognized Unix Epoch time format
* Authenticated user strange value with IIS in some cases
& Remove date filter after dropping log file directly to window

Version 2.3, build 533

+ Easier global file filters editing
+ Session list -> Right-click -> possibility to remove all current parameters
+ Copy to clipboard from Session details
+ Automatically resolve host names option
+ Autoload last file option
& If global file filters are empty WLS now offers an easy setup
& Sample log data improved
* Report column widths saving problem after Back/Forward
* 120 DPI layout fixed

Version 2.2.2, build 524

* Better spider detection (upper/lower case problem)
* Some settings (filters) left on new project or drag & drop from Windows Explorer
* Problem when log file is empty
* Keep parameters and select Page/File/Image when file parameter is already defined
* Wrong data set on Referrer Groups -> Individual Referrers -> Click on item
* EListError in goal editing under some circumstances

Version 2.2.1, build 517

+ Copy graph as raw (text) data
* Goals in Trends report when grouping is not by day and when averages are displayed
* No State (Region) name for USA

Version 2.2, build 511

Contains several bug fixes and few improvements

+ New option for file reports: Add to global filters
+ New option: Manually edit host names
+ Exact phrase option added for spiders recognition (enclose it in [brackets])
& IP-to-city/region/country database updated
& Two editions introducted: Standard and Professional
& Trial welcome screen redesigned
* Host resolving problem
* Problem with selecting date range in project properties window
* Other minor bugs fixed

Version 2.1, build 501

Contains several bug fixes and few improvements

+ Goal lines in visitors trend added
+ "Add to spiders" option added to Raw User Agents report
+ Advanced editors: Edit with text editor button

& Report generation speed improved
& Query parameter speed improved
& Based on IP/Timeout switch is now saved
& Error window redesign

* Commas in search phrase weren't treated properly while browsing
* "Read between" date global filter problem
* Host global filter when there is no IP in log files
* Error when computer wakes from Sleep/Hibernate
* Problem when there's only one session in log files
* Other small bug fixes

Version 2.0.1, build 489

Contains several bug fixes and small improvements

& Unicode logs are readable now (high bytes removed)
& Search Previous (Shift+F3) option added
& Added Windows 7 recognition text
* Error after adding a goal through File parameters
* Saving report column widths problem fixed
* Error while searching in Sessions report

Version 2.0, build 485

Major update (not free - discount for existing users)

Please check What's New web page for details

+ Goals
+ Tabbed reports
+ Six new report types (including cities and regions)
+ New parameters and global filters
& Better speed and stability
& Other usability / user interface improvements

Read more

Version 1.8, build 407

& Microsoft Vista support
& Some GUI icons changed

* Problem with one specific log file format fixed
* FTP download path losing initial "/"
* Occasional I/O Error 32 after second FTP download attempt fixed

Version 1.7.2, build 401

* Confusion when there is a "?" mark without query
* Problem when time zone is not presented in +xyzw format
* Problem when user agent is enclosed in [] instead of ""

Version 1.7.1, build 393

* When system date format is dd-MMM-yy or dd-MMM-yyyy parsing doesn't work well

Version 1.7, build 391

+ Option to consider query as part of the filename
+ Multiple sites in one log file

& Log file reading time improved for up to 50%
& Check for updates redesign
& Filter editor improvement

* Error when closing Options dialog when no log files are loaded
* Resolved problems with some log file formats

Version 1.6.2, build 383

+ Wildcard operator "except" ("|") introduced

* No date in each line W3C log files problem
* Both resolved host and IP in Apache log file problem
* W3C log file format problem if there is no "#Software" line

Version 1.6.1, build 377

& Sorting bookmarks

* Export doesn't work

Version 1.6, build 375

+ Print report option

& More visible item highlight after "Back"

* Log file location: edit local path issues
* Sometimes "\" paths appear in the project file

Version 1.5.5, build 370

& Trend report: default group by when viewing less than one day should be by hour
& Save last All/Human/Spider setting
& Quick start redesign

* Session timeout is not properly calculated
* Show sessions from domain (should be host)
* Hit colors changing
* Renaming bookmark should rename title

Version 1.5.4, build 362

* Various host resolving issues

Version 1.5.3, build 360

& Different animation when downloading log file

* Problem with recognizing some IIS log files
* Sometimes log file is read more than once
* Occasional AV when closing application
* Browse for local folder button in HTTP log file location doesn't work
* Problem after resizing report tree to zero
* Recent Files list is enabled while processing log files

Version 1.5.2, build 354

* Blocks before reading some extremely large gzip files
* Problem with parsing Apache log files with own domain listed in it

Version 1.5.1, build 352

* Bug with reading files with quoted filenames

Version 1.5, build 351

+ Download log files from FTP/HTTP servers
+ Export reports to HTML
+ Spider filtering options
+ Send report by E-mail

& File|Open - log files can be selected now, not only WLS files
& Trend Value Type "Percentage" introduced
& Multiple own domains now supported
& Option to convert requests to lowercase
& Show raw user agent in the session details
& User need to confirm first auto-update connecting
& Updated IP to Country database
& Other minor improvements

* Mouse Wheel above parameters could crash the application
* IP/Host Global Filter problems
* Width of left area resets after restart
* Sometimes file is not decompressed and loaded
* Duplicate hit imported under special circumstances
* Ctrl+C when parameter field is focused
* "Info" button is not visible on some reports
* Report title image is not correctly updated when going Back and Forward
* Parameter list of countries is not sorted
* Sometimes Forward button is not disabled when needed
* Other minor bugs fixed

Version 1.4.4, build 336

& Updated IP to Country database
& Minor user interface enhancements
& Developing tool updated

Version 1.4.3, build 335

* "Invalid operation" error in trend reports on some systems

Version 1.4.2, build 334

* Sample data problem

Version 1.4.1, build 333

* AV when no log files defined