Differences from other web analytics solutions

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Web Log Storming is a web log analyzer that clearly stands out from the crowd with its unique features.


Compared to JavaScript web analytics

Compared to other log analyzers

Code editing, cookies or scripts not required, but optional for hybrid analysis


Uses existing log files, even from the past, and you are free to switch from or to another software without losing information


Full control - data is kept on your computer and/or server, it's not collected or used by third-parties


No foreign scripts. In addition to privacy concerns, every script  hosted on another domain slows your website down and/or there's a risk they won't load, or that are blocked by browser


Shows any file type visits - you see stats for other files, not just pages (images, videos, PDFs, EXE, ZIP...)


Shows access errors - you can investigate any error, such are missing files, internal server errors, access to forbidden areas, etc.


Spiders/bots - easily include or exclude spider visits from reports, with just one click


Bandwidth control - see if anyone is wasting your bandwidth by repeatedly downloading large files, embedding images to their pages, etc.


Code editing, cookies or scripts optional for hybrid analysis, but not required


Flexible and interactive reports - don't just accept developer's assumptions about what you are interested to see - create your own reports


Track individual visitors - see any visitor's detail available in log files, including previous visits, hit details, accessed pages, etc.


Change filters ad-hoc - adjust filters (parameters) "on-the-fly" and immediately see specific reports you need


Goal conversions - define goals that you want to track and check how they relate to any segment


Bookmarks - save custom reports so you can easily run them again later


Every detail counts - analyze every bit of information - grouping less popular items under the "Other" label optional


Optimized memory model - most other log analyzers use slow database systems to process data, which limits possibilities