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One of main advantages of Web Log Storming is its unique capability to easily change report results, browse by clicking on items, and drill-down into details that other web statistics packages don't provide. Each report has both, chart and table representation. Charts are nicer, but tables are more complete and useful, especially if you wish to copy data (to a spreadsheet, for example).


Just like web browsers, Web Log Storming keeps a history of visited reports in the memory allowing you to use Back and Forward buttons for convenient browsing. Also, starting with version 2.0 Web Log Storming supports a tabbed interface. You can open any report in a new tab by holding the Ctrl button. This way you can switch between different reports for easy comparison.


You can choose from pre-defined basic reports and configure them to get an unlimited number of different reports. In this chapter, you will learn about each one of these pre-defined basic reports, and the use of parameters and bookmarks (Pro) features to create additional customizable reports.