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In Web Log Storming, reports are click-sensitive. This means you can click on any item to see all sessions related to the item. For example, in the Countries report, click on the pie slice that represents Canada, and you will see all sessions from Canada (note that the Country parameter value is automatically changed). Furthermore, in the Sessions report, click on a specific session to see its details and hits (IP address, referrer, user agent, etc). This way you can identify individual visitors and examine their behavior. You can also right-click on items for more options.


Web Log Storming has features common to web browsers:


Use the Back and Forward buttons to see previously selected reports
Press and hold Ctrl to open a report in new tab
Use the Bookmarks menu to easily see same report in the future


An additional tool for browsing is the Keep parameters and select option: right-click the Reports tree and choose this option to view any report while keeping same parameters ad-hoc parameters.


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