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Program options are set here.






Page, file and images wildcards

Hit colors

Customizable colors for particular types of hits

Session timeout (minutes)

Session timeout to use when analyzing sessions. Log files should be re-read before an analysis if you change this option

Auto check for updates

If selected, Web Log Storming will automatically check for new versions of software


User interface



Show report info by default

Turns on or off short report information at the bottom of the screen

Split Reports and Parameters panes

Split Reports and Parameters panes (especially useful for wide screens)

At startup show

Choose tab to be shown at startup. Available options: Reports tab and Parameters tab. Useful only if previous option is turned off

Max. lines copied to clipboard

Limit the number of lines when copying report content to the clipboard. Same limitation apply to Print and Export options

Professional edition only

Ask for action on project open

If this option is checked, you will be able to choose what you want to do before analysis (i.e. edit project or skip download)

Automatically load last file on startup

If you turn this option on, every time you start Web Log Storming, it will automatically load last analyzed file

Report Font

Choose font name and font size for report lists and report tree




Report defaults



Trend reports

Default options for Trend parameters

Default value to show

Value that will be shown if report is not grouped by day. Available options: Daily averages and Totals

Default Group by

Controls how trend reports will be grouped. Available options: Smart (automatically determine for best visibility) and Day (force grouping by day regardless of number of bars)

Country/Region/City reports

Sets defaults for country, region and city Pie parameters

Operating Systems/User Agents reports

Sets defaults for operating system and user agents Pie parameters





Use proxy server

If your connection requires using of proxy server, turn this option on

Proxy server

Enter proxy server name

Proxy port

Enter proxy server port

Username and Password

Enter username and password, if required

Custom IP resolving

Professional edition only


URL to check IP before regular resolving

Check even if already resolved

Always check, even if domain is already resolved. It could significantly slow down the process





Cache log files

Save parsed log files for faster analyzing next time

Maximum cache size

Delete old cache when total size exceeds designated size

Keep files compressed

Slightly slows down reading, but significantly reduces disk space

Size on disk

Current cache size on disk

Clear Cache

Delete all cache files


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