Web Log Analytics to the next level

Web Log Storming is an interactive web server log file analyzer (IIS, Apache and Nginx) for Windows that fills the gap between JavaScript web analytics and old-school log analyzers. This makes it an ideal solution that gives you an insight about both, marketing and technical aspects of web statistics.

Who is it for?

JavaScript based analytics solutions give you almost solely marketing information. Web Log Storming is perfect (single or additional) tool for those who are interested in more. It adds a value for web administrators, tech and security specialists, web developers and small business owners responsible for multiple areas of operations, including server maintenance.

Hybrid analysis (optional)

Enjoy benefits from both worlds by including HTML tags for combined log files and JavaScript statistics. Script and data are kept on your server only - no third-party collecting.

Interactively change filters

Quickly focus on specific groups of visitors, based on almost any data available in log files (view screenshot)

Drill-down into details

See individual visitor's details and the list of visited pages and files (view screenshot)

Browse through reports

Use it simply by clicking report items, as easy as browsing a web (view video demonstration)

Using Cookies and JavaScript not mandatory

It's up to you if you wish to use advanced JavaScript capabilities, allowing you to comply with privacy laws.

See everything

If it hits your server, it's there: visitors with disabled JavaScript and blocked third-party analytics, file downloads, errors, problems, spiders, bots, bandwidth wasters, hackers and other attackers.

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"...best value for money..."
"...I find it superior to all of the others..."
"...helps me formulate better marketing plans..."
"...see problems with your [web] interface..."
"...indispensable to me..."
"...a real commitment to the customer..."
"...always listening to suggestions..."

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Most important Web Log Storming analyzer features

In addition to common Apache, Nginx and IIS web server log analytics software features, Web Log Storming allows you to:

Track individual visits with or without cookies, including previous visits and paths through the web site

Easily improve your ROI - stop wasting money and bandwidth with low-quality traffic

Extensive on-the-fly filtering and complete interactivity lets you to create custom reports

Hybrid analysis - optionally include self-hosted script to collect additional information

Check if visitors behave as you expect. Determine if your links are prominent enough

Interactive reports and graphs

Your web logs are kept in fast computer memory allowing you to view filtered results immediately

Keep your log files compressed to save disk space - it uncomporesses zip, gz and tar file automatically

Cache previously read log files for faster analysis

Connect to FTP or HTTP server and download updated log files automatically

Export reports to HTML files, send them by e-mail, or copy them to the clipboard

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  • Install file size
    16.57 MB
  • Trial limitation
    30 days
  • Current version
  • Latest release
    October 2022
  • First release
    August 2003
  • Operating system
    Windows™ 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Server 2008 / Vista / XP
  • Price
    Professional: $119.00 (US)
    Standard: $79.00 (US)
  • Guarantee
    30-day money back guarantee