Web Log Storming testimonials

I'd also rate Web Log Storming as the best value for money. If budget is a priority, this is your tool of choice.

Our business involves a great deal of web log analysis for our clients, and over the years we've worked with a fair number of software applications for this task.

Web Log Storming is one of the more useful, and offers a unique means of drilling down through the data and extracting the important information and trends.

If you're looking for a tool to quickly and easily identify and understand your website traffic trends, then Web Log Storming could be the ideal solution.
I have been a customer of Dataland Software for years. Not only do they have great products (I use Web Log Storming and Agenda At Once), but they are a very open company, always listening to suggestions.

Why I use WLS and not, for example, a free product like Google Analytics...

  • Google already knows toooo much about me: I advertise with AdWords, use Google Checkout occasionally, they know what I search for... Maybe I sound little paranoid, but I don't really believe their 'do no evil' mantra.
  • Having all those links (JavaScript) to other websites (analytics) can cause slow page loads for my site - kill all dependencies to other sites for a better user experience
I am very happy with your product, I find it superior to all of the others I've either read about or tried as a demo, including open source software.

The interface allows me to view and understand the log data quickly. Most products homogenize the data into graphs without allowing drill down into the raw data that composes the graph - if you cannot interpret that data, the graph is meaningless. It allows me to weed out spurious log entries that skew the result (spammers, bots etc.) and understand a reality based picture of my users.

No other product allows me to track and reconstruct an individual user path. Other products only allow their interpretations of user behavior via graphs, while these may be impressive for meetings with MBAs for funding, they don't allow examination of user behavior or allow one to infer what is happening from the user's perspective. Which allows you to proactively see problems with your interface or user's understanding of it.
Not only is Web Log Storming a good piece of kit for looking at your website visitors, but the customer service and backup is solid as well.

Having lost some data recently from my computer recently, they helped me retrieve my license key so I could get back up and running.

That's a rare thing in the software business today, a real commitment to the customer. If you are thinking about using their product and you are not sure, just go ahead and buy it.
I appreciate how fast WebLog Storming allows me to drill down into my log files. Quick button clicks allow me to significantly reduce the time needed to analyze my data.

WebLog Storming makes it easy to eliminate files from your analysis by using parameters. Referrers that link to your images skew your statistics. Eliminating these files from your statistics gives a more accurate analysis, and helps me formulate better marketing plans.
Your software is indispensable to me. I use it many times a day though I also use Google Analytics. It's flexible and powerful. Everyone who owns a website should have one.

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