Web Log Storming Edition Comparison

Please use this table to compare features for Standard and Professional editions of Web Log Storming.

Feature Standard Professional
Number of websites allowed to analyze Unlimited Unlimited
Interactive clickable reports
Drill-down into individual visitor's details
Parameters - "on-the-fly" (dynamic) filters
Global (static) filters
Quick Spider / Human / JavaScript filtering Spider / Human only
Tabbed reports
Optional log file caching
Customizable file types (pages, files and images)
Customizable operating system, browser, search engine and spider recognition texts
Hybrid (combined log file and page-tagging) analysis
Filter sessions that support JavScript (requires Hybrid)
Goals for easy conversions measuring
Bookmarks to quickly view custom reports
Regions and Cities reports
Authenticated Users report
Number of Entry / Exit pages to group (in Path reports) 1 Unlimited
IP to host name resolving (reverse DNS lookup)
Manually edit host names
Custom IP resolving for shared access (from any web server)
Export reports to HTML files
Send reports by EMail
Copy reports to clipboard and transfer them to another application (such is Excel spreadsheet)
Analyze log lines directly from the clipboard
Print reports
Per-User Price
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$79.00 (US)
$119.00 (US)