File parameters

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File parameters limit resulting statistics by files, queries, status, bandwidth and path. This parameter page is also used by the Goals editor.


This pane is also used to Edit Goals and it includes few shortcuts at the bottom.



Same hit match


If this checkbox is checked, Wildcards, Query, Status and Bandwidth filters must all match a single hit. If you leave this option unchecked, filters will be matched to any hit in the session.




Wildcard = /page1.html

Query = GoogleAdword


Session1:        /page1.html



Session2:        /page1.html?GoogleAdword



If Same hit match is checked, only Session2 will be included in stats, because both constraints are fulfilled in the first hit.

If not checked, both sessions will be included in stats, because both constraints are fulfilled in different hits.


File wildcards


Enter file names or file wildcards to limit statistics. You can separate them by comma or semicolon and use operators (see examples).





Session must contain hit to /page1.html file



Session must contain any of *.pdf files


+/page1.html, +/page2.html, -/dir/*

To qualify, session most contain both, /page1.html and /page2.html files, and mustn't contain any file from /dir/ directory


/page1.html, /page2.html, -/dir/*

Without "+" signs, session must contain at least one of two specified files, and still mustn't contain any file from /dir/ directory



Excludes all sessions that accessed any of *.gif files, except spec*.gif



Includes only sessions that accessed any of *.gif files, except spec*.gif. Same effect can be accomplished with "*.gif, -spec*.gif"




Enter query text or wildcards to limit report results to whole or part of the queries.




*version=1.0*, *version=1.1*


Query part


Similar to previous, but only looks through part of queries divided by "&". Wildcards supported.




*version=1.0*, *version=1.1*




Limit results to specified status. Wildcards and operators are not supported here.









Use this drop-down list to select which access methods will be shown in results.








Hit bandwidth


Show results depending on bandwidth of single hit




>= 100 KB

<= 1 KB


Total time spent


Show results depending on visit duration. You can enter lower and upper limit.




1 minutes - 30 minutes

1 hour - 3 days




Limit results to sessions with specified page sequence. Syntax is similar to File wildcards, except it doesn't support operators, and delimited values are handled differently (as a sequence).




/index.html, /dir/*, *

To qualify, session must start with /index.html, then directly access any file from /dir/ directory. The rest of the hits don't affect results.


/index.html, *, /dir/*

Note the difference in sequence ("*" is moved between other two parts). Here, session must start with /index.html and exit from any files from /dir/ directory. What happens in between doesn't matter.


*, /index.html

Session must exit from /index.html page. What happens before doesn't matter.


Show only files matching


If entered, the report will only show matching files. File wildcard parameter above filters sessions, while this parameter filters the result list. It only applicable for file-based reports.





Report list will only PDF files.


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