Home screen

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On program startup, you'll see a Home screen that helps you to quickly and easily choose a task that you want to accomplish. You can also invoke it by choose Help | Home screen from the main menu or use clip0034 toolbar icon.




Open Existing File

Choose this option to open an existing project (.wls) file from a local disk. Recently used projects are listed below this option and you will be able to open them directly by clicking on the file name.


Normally, when the project is opened, the software displays the Open project tasks window. If this option is turned off, you can force the window to be displayed by holding the Shift key.

Start New Project

Create new project file

Load Sample Data

Open the sample project and log files included in the installation. Logs are randomly generated by us and they are not based on any real-life data

See On-line Demos

Watch on-line demos on the web

Read User Manual

Open help file


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