Version 3 Sneak Peek #1: Redesigned reports and 30% discount


Part #2: Log files caching
Part #3: Beta available and Hybrid analysis

We are heavily working on version 3.0 of our web log analyzer software, which will, we are certain, be a pleasant surprise for all users. In that regard, in next several posts we will talk about of some of more important additions.

Redesigned reports

Honestly, having different types of reports (lists, trends and pies) is something we are not happy with for some time. Discrepancies were not big so far either, but small inconsistencies could disrupt an usual workflow. Yes, some analytics reports should be naturally presented as histograms (bar or line charts) and some as pies, but should they really be different functionally? Also, plain and visually unappealing list reports in Web Log Storming analyzer are far more useful and precise when it comes to data analysis (if you used Web Log Storming at least a bit, you know why).

 Log analyzer - pages report chart  Log analyzer - pages report list
 Log analyzer - visitors report chart  Log analyzer - visitors report list

So we have decided to bring those three types closer to each other. The main idea: (almost) all reports should have both, list and chart representations and consistent right-click menus. Changes include:

  • You will be able to see any list report as chart now (as pies or as horizontal bars, depending on report)
  • Old Pie report become both list and chart reports
  • Old Trend reports will be also presented as a sortable lists, with additional columns for averages and goals

Additional browsing capability

How many times you clicked on item in report to get related sessions, then immediately right-click on left-hand report tree and choose “Keep parameters and select”, to see another report based on selected item? (If you didn’t, you are seriously missing one of unique features of Web Log Storming.) You will be happy to hear that, from the next version, you can do the same by right-clicking on list item (or bar or pie slice) and choose any of available reports or bookmarks directly.

Log analyzer - referrer report browsing

Optimized code

In the process, we’ve re-inspected and changed lot of program code, keeping in mind typical hardware differences compared to years back. As a result, some parts of underlying analysis routines are better optimized, faster and more stable.

Upgrade policy and “Early Bird” 30% discount

As our users probably already know, we switched to subscription upgrade model years ago. That’s why we don’t specifically charge for major updates like this one: update is free for anyone who bought or upgraded within at least a year before a release day or for anyone who bought a lifetime license.

So feel free to download and try current version and, if you decide to buy even today, you will get version 3 for free. As a special promotion, you can use this coupon for 30% discount:


The coupon applies to any purchase (new license or an upgrade) and will be valid until v3.0 is released.

* * *

Feel free to send us your thoughts regarding version 3, either by commenting here or by using a contact form. We’ll be happy to hear your opinion. And stay tuned for the next Sneak Peek.

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