Version 3.0 Beta available: Hybrid analysis


Part #1: Redesigned reports and 30% discount
Part #2: Log files caching

This is a third part of Version 3.0 Sneak Peek series, but this time you can try it yourself:

Version 3.0 beta is ready for download

Page tagging / Hybrid analysis

One of most important additions is page tagging feature (so-called “hybrid” analysis). Basically, major drawback of using log analyzers instead of script-based analytics is eliminated now, while keeping all benefits. In addition, by using Web Log Storming’s scripts, there is no contact to third-parties – all data stays on your server and your website loading speed won’t be affected much, almost not at all.


“Early Bird” 30% discount available until official release

As a special promotion, you can use this coupon for 30% discount:


The coupon applies to any purchase (new license or an upgrade) and will be valid until v3.0 is released.

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